I am a journalist and writer.

I write about sex and gender politics as well as frequently dabbling in culture, politics and social affairs. My key interests include equality, education, human rights, freedoms, identities and behaviours – both in the UK and overseas.

So yes, you’re going to see some sexism-busting here. You’re going to find some angry rants and sometimes my posts will contain scenes of a graphic and sexual nature. I will talk about porn, prostitution, sexual violence, abortion, contraception, religion, marriage, human rights… I will also talk about make up, boobs, and anal sex.

Feel free to disagree with me on any of it. Point out things I’ve missed. I am happy to be challenged or even proved wrong. I like a heated debate but please, let’s keep it civil, shall we? No one possesses an inherent knowledge of everything and it’s impossible to read every single study, paper or article on a subject, to talk to every expert and to meet every case study. But through sharing our experiences, research and ideas we can shape our opinions, continue to learn, and ultimately (hopefully) pass on something that resembles wisdom.

I also reserve the right to change my mind. To be honest I change my mind constantly about issues, sometimes in the middle of researching and writing about them. If I had to wait until I was absolutely dead set on an argument, I’d never write anything at all. I don’t pretend to have The Definitive View, just a view. And building on it, learning, figuring it out… that’s all part of the fun. So do please get in touch if you have any thoughts. You can use the comments boards, drop me an email or find me on Twitter.

As my subtitle suggests, I identify as queer femme sex radical. I may at some point write a blog explaining what I mean by that. Or then again I might not.

I live in London with my partner Juarez Flanagan. He chose the moniker.


I write freelance and am available for comment and commissions. Please drop me a line via the contact page.



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