How is it even possible, in 2015, that Charlotte Proudman is being vilified for challenging sexism?

support for Charlotte ProudmanToday The Telegraph published this story. You don’t need to read it, you only need to read the headline. But if you want to know more about the background to this story, there’s a decent link HERE.

Since then she’s been disparaged left, right, and centre, not only on social media (our era’s most sinister weapon) but by legal professionals everywhere, many of whom have  overtly used the term “career suicide”.

At risk of sounding, I don’t know, OUTRAGED, are you fucking kidding me? Do we actually still live in a world where people are silenced in this way? Where the message “No one will want to work with you if they know you care about injustice” is a legitimate one to be sending?

Then there was the whole thing with the Daily Mail finding examples of Proudman complimenting her friends on Facebook and calling her a hypocrite (again, I’m not sharing the link but by all means Google it if you like getting angry). Let’s go over that again: According to everybody’s favourite hate-rag, complimenting FRIENDS on FACEBOOK is comparable to having a STRANGER make an unsolicited comment about your appearance on LINKEDIN.

With this recent story, though, the question is simply: How the hell is this relevant to anything? It’s not. It is simply another flagrant attempt to take down a woman because she has refused to bite her tongue and “get over it”. I don’t care if she’s nice or not, she has every right to challenge sexist behaviour when she sees it (and it bloody well was sexist, when was the last time you described a male business acquaintance’s LinkedIn pic as stunning?) The reaction to her, both within the legal profession and in the media has been an absolute disgrace.

Day after damn day people let the “little” things like this slide because they’re afraid of making life difficult for themselves. Well guess what, life IS difficult, not least for those who find themselves up against entrenched inequality manifesting itself in every aspect of life.

I read a piece today about “how to tell if you’re a feminazi” (an expression which is sick enough in itself) and I thought, “oh I won’t bother sharing that, it’s all a bit obvious, isn’t it.” Well I’ve changed my mind. Apparently these things are not flippin’ obvious at all. So here you go: 10 ways you can tell if you’re a ‘feminazi’

Look, not everyone’s a fighter, I get that. But we have to start somewhere. Because the truth is, any time, ANY TIME, someone tells you to “lighten up” or “get a sense of humour” because you’ve questioned them, their words, their behaviour, or motives, be assured that you are on the receiving end of some supreme bullshit. Any time you feel like objecting but don’t because you don’t want to be seen as uptight or cause problems, know this: they are winning.



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