Sex in a sinking boat, anyone?

Boat sexCan’t help finding this Durex advert vaguely ridiculous. Their PR company describes it as featuring “passionate couples in numerous wild locations” Try absurd locations. I mean, I guess the idea here is that when sex is really good (like, really good, though, yeah? Like, Durex good. Not like that mediocre sex you have with Trojan condoms) you don’t even notice that your little rowing boat is sinking or that the mares of Diomedes have just broken loose or that… I’m not even really sure what’s going on with the third couple? Are they supposed to be getting it on during rush hour on the tube? In which case that’s the most absurd of all. They would almost certainly have been sharply elbowed by angry commuters yelling ‘if you’re not getting on the train, get out the fucking way’. Or at the very least, been passive-aggressively tutted at (which everybody knows is a total passion killer).

However, I actually really like this Jessie Ware song, and apparently she’s delighted that it’s being used in the ad. According to the press release:

UK songstress Jessie Ware’s hit track is being used in the latest advertising campaign from Durex, and she is thrilled with the results. Ware even took to her Twitter to express her excitement about the campaign, saying I am so happy. Always wanted ppl kissing to my music, now they can lube up! X”

Hmm. Still, would it have been too much to ask for some slightly more realistic ‘wild locations’. Country walk with ramblers coming down the path behind you, maybe? On the beach with the tide coming in? In a cable car on a mountain (I haven’t done this but I know someone who has)? In one of London’s Royal Parks overlooked by ducks (ok, I’m just grassing up my friends now)?

No? Oh well. Stay safe, kids.



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