“Football fun that’s finally aimed just at girls”

Just wanted to share this. What do you think?

Here’s what I reckon:

1. Table football featuring female players = Good.
2. Table football featuring female players aimed at “just the girls” = What the fuck?
3. Pink table football = Don’t get me started (though it is available in other colours).
4. Writing = Bad. “You can compete in style from the comfort of your own home or garden; so the gym can go out the window too.” What does this even mean? Also the grammar is questionable.

I’ve blacked out the name of the actual PR contact but left the PR company on there. I see a lot of this kind of thing and it’s usually just lazy copywriting rather than a genuine conviction about the product, event, or service. Sometimes I email them back and challenge them on it, sometimes I ignore it. It’s just a press release, it’s not intended for public consumption but nevertheless it irks me how readily this kind of nonsense is trotted out.


4 thoughts on ““Football fun that’s finally aimed just at girls”

  1. aside from the questionable colour scheme (when, oh when, will this ever change?) and the gender specific marketing (which really pisses me off unless they are selling, you know… tampons) what the hell is with the PRICE?!

  2. I also love the use of the word ‘finally’… as if we’ve been waiting for this moment for years.

    clearly a turning point in the feminist movement: equality in table football achieved through separatist attitudes to gender.

  3. Yes to the above comments. I would also like to observe that playing table football in no way replaces going to the gym. Basic rule of thumb is that if an activity is usually performed in a pub, the CV benefits of that activity are likely to be minimal.


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