Backstage with Wam Bam Club’s Lady Alex

It was great to catch up with Lady Alex in her dressing room at cafe de Paris last week. While the Wam Bam Club founder and hostess powdered her nose and taught me how to do glittery ‘burlesque lips’ (I always assumed it was special stage makeup but it’s just very fine glitter powder dabbed over red lipstick) I fired questions at her on everything from merkins to M&S undies. Here are some of her responses…

Alex on pasties

“Personally I glue them with the strongest glue known to mankind. Other girls just tape them on with toupée tape but I pour champagne over myself so I need to know they’re going to stay on. Same with merkins. If I could get magnets inserted, that would be the way forward. And things still go wrong sometimes. I’ve had to ask the audience to unhook things for me and I’ve gotten accidentally attached to audience members before. As long as you make a thing out of it, generally they don’t mind.”

Alex on babies

“I was wondering the other day at what point a showgirl has children? I want to but I don’t know when. I saw someone writing on a forum once asking if anyone knew of any opportunities for pregnant burlesque dancers and I thought ‘er… yeah, good point’.”

Alex on comedy

“I used to do a lot of straight stand up and it was hideous. I’d be standing there trying to do a bit of topical comedy and a bit quirky. It was agonising. I find taking my clothes off makes it easier.”

Alex on current affairs

“I’ve stopped doing the stripping suicide bomber now that Osama bin Laden is dead. I didn’t believe it for ages and for a while I kept it up anyway because I liked it but I’ve laid him to rest now. Now I’m doing a Rebecca Brooks piece – I’ve got the hair for it so I thought why not.”

Alex on pants

“I try to keep my own wardrobe separate but more and more stuff ends up becoming part of the show. I was going through my lingerie drawer the other day and wondering why I had nothing to wear and then I realised it was all at the theatre. I had to put me old M&S on.”


Click here to read the full interview online at the Erotic Review.

Pictures by Justine Trickett



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