80s feminism… er, you what?

One of my favourite things to come out of Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage festival on the southbank this weekend was undoubtedly the ‘Bad Art’ stall. Featuring both submissions and ‘finds’ it exhibited some seriously bonkers attempts at everything from water colour to mixed-media and sculpture. And among them was… THIS.

The piece, in oil on canvas, is entitled 80s Feminism. With Maggie Thatcher at its centre it seems to represent ‘things women can do nowadays’, among them play football, climb mountains, have meetings in boardrooms, and drink in bars while pregnant… wait, what? In short, it’s utterly bizarre, not least because two of the characters (top right and bottom left) appear to be men. Still, if anyone can help me decipher this thing, do shout. Better yet, if anyone feels like doing an updated version (possibly some sort of GIF animation?) you know where to send it. In the meantime, enjoy!



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